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Independent Living Skills

Do you need training on using adaptive equipment, financial budgeting, or job preparation skills?

Ai can assist you in achieving your individual goals.


Peer to Peer Mentoring

Have you wondered how other people with similar disabilities are living independently?

Ai has several individuals with disabilities willing to discuss issues and concerns that many other people won’t understand.


Representative Payee

Do you need assistance with maintaining your finances every month?

Ai provides services to assist qualified individuals with accounting, budgeting and other financial management skills.


Accessibility Services

Do you have trouble accessing a building or parking, or need a ramp for your home?

Ai can help with technical assistance necessary to evaluate these situations.


Waiver Services

Do you or someone you know need assistance applying for Medicaid Waiver Services?

Ai can help you through the process to obtain a personal assistant or adaptive equipment necessary for independent living.



Information & Referral

Are you looking for an accessible apartment, personal care assistant or information on another disability issue?

Ai can provide you with the references and information to support your specific needs.


Community Education & Awareness

Do you or your organization need information on disability related topics?

Ai provides the community with presenatations, training, and other resources to increase awareness on disability issues.



Individual Advocacy

Have you been discriminated against because of a disability?

Do you want to learn how to be a better self-advocate?

Ai can help you learn what your rights and responsibilities are.


Community Advocacy

Do you have concerns about disability issues in your community?

Ai is constantly working with our community to find ways to provide all residents the opportunity for an inclusive and accessible society.