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“T” is a 38 yr old Winchester City resident.  She is a stay-at-home mother of four, all of whom she is homeschooling.  She also has Spina Bifida.  In the past, “T” would have to depend on family to take her and her children from point A to point B, and back.  She was dependent on someone else to provide transportation at all times, whether for a doctor appoint, educational trip, or to run errands. Access independence was able to provide financial assistance to ensure that “T” could become more independent.  In April, she had hand controls installed in her van.  She now has the ability to come and go as she pleases… independently.  She has enjoyed taking her four children to different locations as part of her homeschooling curriculum.

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Bathroom access equipment

Installing Dignity

L.G. is a 69 year old Shenandoah County resident with diabetes and heart disease.  He has a double amputation due to the severity of his diabetes.  Access Independence is the service facilitator for L.G. who receives services from the EDCD waiver.  While doing home visits, Ai employees noticed his inability to utilize his own bathroom.  L.G. relied on a bedside toilet and has been sponge bathed for years.  Access Independence was able to pay for bathroom modifications.  The bathroom door was widened to accommodate his wheelchair, a bath lift was installed along with a hand-held shower head, and a platform was built around his toilet for easing transferring.  L.G. is very appreciative of the modifications.  He stated, “After all these years, I can finally take a real shower and use the bathroom with some dignity.”

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Outdoor ramp

Ramping Up Accessibility

Consumer B.A. is a 46 year old Fred. Co resident.  He became a paraplegic in 2008 due to a spinal cord injury following a work related accident.  He lives with his wife who is dedicated in caring for him.  Up until recently, he only left the house when necessary (doctor appointments).  His wife would carry his w/c down the porch steps and then proceed to carry her husband down.  Access Independence was able to build a ramp for B.A.  He and his wife have expressed their gratitude in our concern for both of their safety.  B.A. is now able to safely enter and exit his home with minimal help from his wife.  B.A. stated, “I plan on being outdoors more often now, not just for my appointments”.

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